At S.E.T., we believe that prioritizing sustainability is essential for addressing current and future challenges and fostering the development of our company. We take action in various areas, from contributing to decarbonization and minimizing our environmental footprint to investing in alternative energies and enforcing strict compliance in our supply chains.

Advancing Green Economy

All S.E.T. operations aim to minimize or eliminate any negative environmental impact. We strive for full legal and regulatory compliance and adherence to industry standards for reducing carbon emissions, with a long-term goal of achieving net-zero.

Given the shift away from fossil fuels, we pursue product diversification, emphasizing carbon-neutral products to support our clients‘ and our own transition to a green economy.

Our initiatives include: (1) increased use of non-fossil fuels, (2) optimizing our daily environmental footprint, (3) encouraging partners to be environmentally responsible, and (4) achieving carbon neutrality long-term.

Fostering Sustainable Business

At S.E.T., we aim to provide a safe and healthy business environment. With our extensive global network, we strive to improve sustainability throughout the supply chain by influencing our counterparties.

We prefer partners who respect human rights, following the United Nations‘ Guiding Principles and International Labour Organization conventions, and who care for their employees‘ well-being.

We include human rights questions in our KYC Questionnaire and verify them regularly. To minimize negative business practices such as bribery, money laundering, and child labor, we do not work with companies with a proven history of human rights, working conditions, or fair trade violations.

Empowering Employee Excellence

Meeting future needs requires investing in S.E.T.’s employees, whose initiative drives our agility and adaptability.

We foster a flexible, task-oriented teamwork environment, ensuring every employee is included and collaborates seamlessly. This helps maintain a skilled core team capable of tackling any problem.

We provide up-to-date office infrastructure to minimize accidents and organize events like celebratory meals, teambuilding games, and trips to help our employees bond and enjoy their time together.

Enhancing Community

S.E.T. prioritizes close partnerships and customer loyalty, aiming for easy communication, collaboration, and community support wherever we operate.

As a family-owned company with high ethical standards, we believe business should improve the lives and environments of those involved. We proactively encourage and support the growth and betterment of all people and communities we affect.

We believe a positive societal impact is essential for a well-run, efficient, and competitive business.

Strengthening Compliance
and Integrity

Given the diverse environments in which S.E.T. operates, we continuously adopt advanced compliance procedures to protect our reputation. We have strict guidelines for handling bribery and corruption.

We conduct routine KYC checks on all counterparties to prevent risks like bribery or money laundering, covering legal and financial status, ownership, political exposure, and third-party associations.

Our Anti-Bribery and Sanctions Policies include an updated Sanctions Table for compliance. We also hold regular training sessions to keep employees informed about compliance mechanisms and potential risks.

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